Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Go To

To start things off we need staples, or "go to" songs that represent what 3D&sD is trying to show. I have been hooked on this made up genre I've learned is called "light untz" its basically indie-electronica. Poppy cool bands mashed up with some talented DJ's creation. Here, Phoenix, a band started almost 10 years ago as a backup remix band for Air, come out SWINGING with a track off their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix called "Lisztomania." The original version is nothing less than epic and addictive, and what better way to get heard than to be the tune in the last scene of the season finale of Entourage. So the cool thing about this made up genre of music is the compatibility the bands hold with each other, everyone is all amped up to work with each other, so the outcome is a never ending mixture of music. My favorite, and basically the culprit of my addiction to this music is a remix by the LA duo Classixx. Please enjoy!

Lizstomania (Classixx Version)- Phoenix by Classixx (Official)

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