Monday, November 23, 2009

killer coupla weeks

So these last couple of weeks have really expanded our music experience in such a positive way,
I was lucky enough to embark on a small adventure to Nashua NH where an old but awesome Animal Collective track was over played and overly enjoyed. For some reason this tune seriously gets inside your skin, words don't describe it.

Another killer track is VERY old..the original deal. Comes from a dude by the name of Greg Phillinganes this dude had his fingers in the makings of Off the Wall, Songs in the Key of Life, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, Hearts & Bones and some Toto stuff noone really cares about. In 1984 he covers Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Behind the Mask", and places one of the first stones down in the idea of electronica. He truly kills this track.

The last track is just awesome, i credit Good Bread for finding and putting me onto this, and hey I'm even sticking with this theme..the tune is by Bag Raiders its called "Shooting Stars" The beat is pretty great/happy.



Animal Collective - My Girls

Greg Phillinganes - Behind the Mask

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

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