Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiat En Une Journee

So I decided to take the monh of October off from Untz, aka, get myself back into the style of music that made me passionate about it in the first place. No, unfortnuately I am not going to make a mix of the countless hours I have spent listening to Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse, Phish, Marley, Nas, and the like. I actually admit i folded, i took One (1) day off from my month off..I researched some Untz, and in one day..this is what I found, I decided it would be fitting to make a Mixtape about it, so here you are. HOWEVER.. I will say it has been an amazing 13 days, and I am eagerly looking forward to the rest of this Lo-Fi month. Sometimes you really need to "stop and smell the roses" Untz captivates you, its fiiine, but a break is never a bad thing, theres a shit ton of amazing tunes out there. Break out the record player.

Fiat En Une Journee by 3dasd

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