Monday, November 29, 2010

Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

It’s been a bit of a time since we have shared in the “moment” we call learning new music. Sometimes we really take for granted that feeling, that fresh knowledge that is just tearing through our minds, our bodies, a new experience through our same senses. Sometimes I feel like “stopping and smelling the roses” can reference EVERY sense. We should definitely stop and smell the roses when it is in regards to music. Give something a chance; you never know how it will inspire you. Speaking of inspiration, we just concluded a holiday based around family, and giving thanks – talk about inspiration, Thanksgiving could be one of my favorite holidays, because it brings family together through amazing food, football, and wholesome values. The simplicity of giving thanks, it somehow brings everyone together, and puts everyone in a good mood. With the Christmas holiday officially in gear, my “Post Holiday” addition to 3 days & Sunday’s date is going to be with a reflective and soulful artist that I personally have been following for over a decade. Ben Folds a master craftsman at music-making. His most recent collaborative work is with a renowned author Nick Hornby, English novelist and essayist best known for High Fidelity and About a Boy.
These are a few tunes off their recently released album Something worth a stop and listen, lets give thanks for good, hearty, inspirational music.
Lonely Avenue.

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