Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion and Fast Food, now Das Racist

Das Racist is a rap group out of Brooklyn NY, made up of two very hysterical characters, Queens based Himanshu Suri and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez joined by hype man Ashok Kondabolu, known as Dap. Their odd approach to rap, use of humor, obscure references, and unconventional style, has given them both the title of joke rap artists and hailed as an urgent new voice in the culture. Their “I don’t care attitude” has really shined through into their music, these are two samples, an old classic “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” A simple song about the fast food chain literally created to be a viral hit, which is hysterical. The second, a week old track about the rigorous lifestyle fashionistas endure. With these tunes are my picks for Spring 2011, and a few shots of our favorite late night eateries. So sit back, and have a laugh, these guys rock.

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