Monday, November 29, 2010

Future Disco

This is a little apology gift for not being more on top of posting over the holiday. Its a little genre in the biz known as Future Disco. Fun, poppy, easy listening songs that will make you think of times before we were born. Bad behavior can be a direct result of listening to these songs in a loud environment with peers whom equally enjoy, so please listen with caution., and wear the proper attire to handle such situations. These songs will be broken up by artist for your ease of access.

Flight Facilities and C-90

Escort x Greg Wilson

2020 Soundsystem

Classixx, Holy Ghost! and Mayer Hawthorne

Bad Rabbits and SoulClap


Storm Queen (aka Morgan Geist)

Wave Machines and Artwork

Mario Basanov and Arithmatix

Shy Child

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