Monday, November 15, 2010

PUNCHES - So Long Summer

HIGHLY anticipated mixtape by some chaps from Brooklyn I actually got to meet outside a Dim-Sum turned disco hall in Chinatown NYC circa 3am. These dudes are amazingly talented, and are really chill and down to earth. Myself and a few buds drove down to Park Slope Crooklyn to see my highly coveted DJ duo from LA Classixx, and what a little treat these guys, PUNCHES, were the opening act. They CRUSHED it..instant fan, 100%.  This band’s idea started in a cab, and it has progressively grown into a great disco presence in NYC. They have been crushing the scene out there with acts like Holy Ghost! Treasure Fingers, Duck Sauce, and naturally Classixx. I am STILL determined to get them booked here in Boston, we need some warm disco love. Speaking of warm disco love, sweat away this cold weather with their “So Long Summer” Mixtape ..tchya!

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