Monday, December 6, 2010

Local Flavor(s)

Over the weekend I was able to talk shop with a local musician whom recommended I lend my ears out to a few upcoming artists around the Boston area. I thought this was a sick idea. I think the BEST way to discover new music is directly tapping into those whom actually make up that music circuit..


Earthquake Party! is three piece high energy lo-fi outfit out of  Allston MA. Their songs average about 80 seconds long, and offer you a serious ear exercise. It’s nice to know we have heavy hitting talent brewing up in our back-yard. I am VERY excited to see these cats crank live. – followup post will be necessary

A recommended band by Earthquake Party! is Cloud Nothings, a 19 year old kid from Cleveland by the name of Dylan Baldi. Baldi has this repetitive, nostalgic power-pop/indie rock push that seems again, like a seriously fun time at a show. Oh, and he’s a one man gig, props to this kid. His remixer on this jam is Jamaica Plain bred Truman Peyote, lomography-rock act that hands over a fuzzy bassline, and a really lo-fi feel to this guitar rift, very fun tune.

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