Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Music - Goldfrapp x Penguin Prison

Let’s quickly talk about feel-good tunes. The Electronic Music industry has taken pride in it’s unwritten, universal mission statement of “To listen is to Feel Good” It’s the natural feeling a human should experience once immersed in an environment where electronic music is present. To feel good, what an easy concept. I started digging around my database (computer term) for feel good tunes. I have to give the genre of electro some cred where it is due, I was never a HUGE fan for female vocalists in bands. I dunno, call me shallow, but I wasn’t. However, I have taken a change of heart since hearing the likes of Dragonette, La Roux, Sleigh Bells, Yacht, and Goldfrapp, just to name a few. Here is a jam from London duo consisting of Synth king Will Gregory, and the goddess of synth herself, Allison Goldfrapp. Naturally, anything Penguin Prison touches is sheer genius(I have told you all this before), and this is another example. So celebrate feeling good, this is DEFINITELY a feel good track.

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