Friday, January 14, 2011

PNAU x Sam La More: is Sexy the theme for early 2011?

You might know these gentlemen by the moniker Empire of the Sun, PNAU are an Australian dance music duo formed in Sydney, New South Wales by Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes. The two met at secondary school and began performing together in the mid-1990s, initially playing acid house and trance music. They shifted into a sexy pop-filled fun sound as the electro music scene started taking a more indie feel. Songs that make you feel sexy, it’s a pretty simple concept. PNAU’s new single “The Truth” is nothing short of sexy, and fellow Aussie Sam La More grabbed hold of this new single and really brought out the bells, literally. His remix slows down the original in all the right places, adds tribal charms, a low thumping pulse, and a solid echo to the vocals. We’re all about the sexy at 3dasd in 2011, so enjoy your weekend and rock out!

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