Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's lesson: Trip-Hop with Emancipator and Ninja Tune Records

I was able to catch the Emancipator show at Church Boston last night, and I forgot how exciting and interesting the downtempo, trip-hop/electro-hiphop scene is. The music is slow burning, and constant, the atmosphere is very beatnik/hipster/hippy. There are local artists selling the fruits of their labor around the inside perimeter of the venue, kids hustling free mix-tapes on you, girls on psychedelics dancing with hula-hoops, copious amounts of PBR tall boys being consumed, its truly a unique experience. It made me remember how relaxed, and awesome trip-hop is. So without further ado, some jams from Emancipator, and a few other mixes I have stumbled on.

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  1. No way.. I was at that show too! Good times and great description of the atmosphere in there.... Emancipator killed it.