Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Body Language - good for the soul

Body Language is another solid Brooklyn outfit coming out of the starting block simply blazing. they are an indie electro group that is comprised of Grant Wheeler & Matt Young graced by the soul styling’s of Ms. Angelica Bess. PLUS Mickey Factz drummer Ian Chang. They rose from the ashes of DIY Brooklyn-basement parties, to a pretty tall soapbox in which they could loudly and proudly sing their sound straight into every micro-venue from the upper east side to the low 20s. Body Language also served as production collaborators with Passion Pit for the inception of their debut LP, Manners. BL also got their paws into the  remix cookie-jar, appearing on Passion Pit’s “Chunk of Change” EP with a shimmering rendition of Sleepyhead (Landau Wake Up Mix) and Machinedrum’s “Late Night Operation” EP featuring Theophilus London. They just recently toured with Zero-7 and crushed it. Anyway, I can’t pick a favorite tune from them, so I’m probably going to just give you all or most of them to listen to. Enjoy!

Tempoture by Body Language

Social Studies by Body Language

You Can by Body Language

Falling Out by Body Language

At A Glance by Body Language

Sandwiches by Body Language

New Day by Body Language

Huffy Ten Speed by Body Language

Work This City by Body Language

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