Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freestyle Flashback - Two of Hearts Mixtape: NiRE & JASMiNE SOLANO

From the mid 80s through the mid 90s, there was a really high energy electro movement going on that was almost a reaction to the 80s synth pop era. This music was called Freestyle. Freestyle consisted of a Latin/Hiphop/R&B blend of cotton candy dance hall tunes laced with lyrics of love, passion, and romance. It was a phenomenal era of music that did not last as long as we could have hoped. It's influence on the industry however is irreplaceable, ranging from house, italo-pop, dance hall, and neo-disco. I have championed well over 90% of the songs on this tape as child. The neighborhood kids and I would rock to this all the time. I remember sneaking out of my parent’s house to jump on a neighbor’s trampoline to these songs long before driving was an option or the “concept” of electro ever existed. Here is a mix for it’s celebration. Please enjoy!

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