Friday, August 19, 2011

Diplo - Chasing The Dragon Vol. 1

Giving all the credit to my amazing girlfriend on this one – she overheard a song that she liked and did a little research and found this tape. And boy let me tell you it’s a gem. It’s been voted by my friends as the raddest tape they have yet to hear. Diplo shows his audience that he has a creative and eclectic taste in music. He lives up to the title of being one of the globes most innovative and cutting edge DJ/Producers. This is a total gear-shift in what we think of when we hear the name “Diplo” This is a history lesson dating back to the 1960s. THIS, is a classic mixtape made of classics. Huge props to the lady finding this, and huge props to Diplo for being the man -  this is a party sound track, so turn it on and party already.

The Sounds of Portugal with MIRROR PEOPLE

The weekend is here, and there are many things of greatness to celebrate. For starters one of our best friends from high school is coming home to visit from California. We will be participating in a Best Friends Car Show #BFCS in Fairhaven; yard games, and drinking activities alike will also be enjoyed. We also have news of a marriage in the near future. Another close high school friend is getting hitched, and she will be in full celebration mode for certain. Lastly, the Portuguese Soccer league, the Liga Zon Sagres has gotten underway, which means plenty of new faces suiting up for all the clubs, and lots of old favorites to keep tabs on in the larger leagues. This is a mix [and remix] from Portuguese producer Rui Maia, or Mirror People. It's  slow burning, exciting really fun, and really easy to listen to. It has a nu-disco/euro funk sound from start to finish. Pretty much what I assume the clubs in Portugal are like. Please join with me in celebrating this great weekend, whatever you may or may not be doing. This one’s for the Motherland!

- Mixtape removed per artist request -

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Lunoe: Parklife Festival Megamix 2011

Anna Lunoe is one of Australia's most dynamic DJs to date. With a brilliant ear and encyclopedic musical knowledge, the Sydney native draws on a spectacular breadth of musical influences in her internationally acclaimed performances. Lunoe's sets include a melting pot of hip-hop, disco, electro, rock, reggae, pop, and soul.
Aside from her smashing good looks, Anna is known for really high-energy sets from start to finish. She takes pride in filling a dance floor and making them earn their stay. She’s been rocking on the international circuit since 2006 and is showing no signs of slowing down. She is constantly changing her style, and always keeping a smooth, exciting glow to her shows. This is a megamix she made for the National Parklife Festival. It’s nice to get a lady’s touch on some dance tunes. Enjoy! Tracklist after the break.


  • Say Aha - Santogold 
  • Brooklyn Go Hard (Acapella) - Santogold
  • I Believe - Simian Mobile Disco
  • Embody - SebastiAn
  • Sexual Sportswear (Sebastian Remix) - S├ębastien Tellier
  • Get Some - Lykke Li
  • Coma Cat - Tensnake
  • In My Arms - Mylo
  • Drop the Pressure (Acapella) - Mylo
  • Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results - MSTRKRFT
  • Love Long Distance - The Gossip
  • Hustler (Acapella) - Simian Mobile Disco
  • ON! - Diplo & Douster
  • Big Bad Wolf - Duck Sauce
  • Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
  • Get up - Diplo
  • I Wanna See You - The Aston Shuffle
  • Kickstarts - Example
  • My Step - Little Dragon
  • Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
  • Heartbreaker - MSTRKRFT, JFK & Al P
  • Follow - Crystal Fighters
  • Climbing Walls - Strange Talk
  • Pogo - Digitalism
  • Katy On A Mission - Katy B
  • Perfect Stranger - Magnetic Man
  • Cloudburn - Feed Me & Tasha Baxter
  • Me & You - Nero
  • Tron - Joker
  • Creator (feat. Switch & Freq Nasty) - Santigold
  • Xtatic Truth - Crystal Fighters

New Fake Blood EP: Deep Red

On September 12th Fake Blood drops a new EP called Deep Red. Can’t begin to describe how excited I am for this release, he’s pretty amazing. Even though this is a teaser tune, it still holds some pretty massive water. It has a “euro fidget” sound, and Fake Blood’s staple thrust of creativity. More will be discussed upon a leak or release! Enjoy.

Fake Blood - Deep Red (Sample Edit) by Cheap Thrills Records

This is anothern teaser edit I found out there:

DEEP RED EP Teaser by Fake Blood

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AFI - Summer Shudder

Sometimes inspiration comes in crazy corners of the planet. I’m sharing with you one of those today. A couple of good friends from home are super into post-hardcore/punk/punkcore gigs, and when they party, they want to PARTY. I am completely comfortable supporting any type of jam that gets people riled up. So, based on listening carefully and asking lots of questions, I acquired the AFI catalogue and went straight to work. This tune kind of reminds me as the staple emo/punk breakup jam, so simple yet so amazing. It WILL be in my late spring snowboarding video, and most likely make my movie score, who knows. Take a listen to Summer Shudder by AFI, get crazy.

04 - Summer Shudder

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Video: Deadmau5 New Visuals & Tune [Professional Griefers]

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers from POSSIBLE on Vimeo.

This weekend my favorite producer has once again smashed the boundaries of stage presence. This dude takes pride in his uncanny ability to grow, and learn, and consistently progress. Deadmau5 is like a mutant snowflake, he’s never the same twice, and he just keeps getting better. This Sunday at Lollapalooza, Mr. Zimmerman reached halfway into his bag of tricks, unveiling a new and improved stage for his upcoming USA tour. Because of weather restrictions, Mr. Zimmerman only brought half of the goods.. yes..50%, this video is a HQ snippet of a new tune “Professional Griefers” firing on half of the cylinders he plans to ride this machine at. Thanks to the recording by POSSIBLE, we get a sneak-peek into the madness.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Talk about filling up the 3dasd Monopoly board with real estate; I just had a HEATER sent over to me via internet mail by my man from Morocco Big C. He told me he’s trying to stay cool with some smooth-as-aloe infused disco madness. Discslooow is his newest installment created just a day ago, and telling from this track-list its going to be a really big thrill. He hits on some seriously epic jams. To start everyone’s week off right, I want you to get to the closest liquor distributor, purchase their finest vodka, and head straight to your local country mart or roadway cart for the freshest Bloody Mary supplies. Sit back and listen to Big C, (and Arnold!!) disco you right. – This has been thrown into the winners circle for mixtape of the summer. Tracklist after the breaakk

Zoovox - Zoovox Theme
Lifetime Groove (Marcos Cabral and Shux edit)
Luke Millon - Arnold
Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Picture House's 'Summer In The Balearics' Mix)
Rene & Angela - Love You More (The Revenge Rework)
Golden Bug - Flamingo (Original Mix)
Whitesnake - Is This Love dub (Pelerins Cover)
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
Jeremy Glenn - New Life
Escort - Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Version)
Hannulelauri - Zombie Tropicana (Original Mix)
Anoraak - Crazy Eyes (Disco Version)
The New Wine - Bridge (Mighty Mouse Remix)
LL Cool J - Loungin (Ben Gomori's Lungin Edit)
Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)
Subvader - Each Time We Touch (Greg Wilson Edit of DJ Ebar Nu Disco Rendition)
Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Remix)
Lazydisco - More Tigers (Coupons Remix)
Midnight Juggernauts - Lara Vs The Savage Pack (Plastic Plates remix)
Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (The Revenge Rework)
Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Nile Rodgers Remix)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big C - From Here to My Enemy

About a week ago I got some fan mail from a DJ in Rabat, Morocco. He told me he supported my cause and to keep rockin’. He also told me he’s been working on a few projects and wanted me to check them out. His latest endeavor is a mash of Aeroplane’s My Enemy (Rex The Dog Remix) and Giorgio Moroder’s “From Here to Eternity” Pretty flipping flawless if you ask me. It has a nice acid feel to it. The high energy of the melody mixed with the low eerie vocals is a perfect juxtaposition. It’s definitely worth a listen. Recommended listening environment: nighttime driving - empty highway, high speeds, far destination. Thanks for being a fan Big C, keep up the great work!

From Here To My Enemy by Big_C

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

YACHT - Utopia [White Rainbow Revision]

This White Rainbow revision sounds like a mixture of old Yacht with a siiickk guitar rift twisted in. So if you are not familiar, old Yacht has that bloopy raindrop kinda sound which is always pretty greaaa and this revision sees Portland OR Adam Forkner (aka White Rainbow) adding an amazing-strong guitar sound...ahmazing-strong.. It's super busy, super hard and really fun. I would mosey on over to the DFA Records Soundcloud to take a listen to all the greatness that’s happening there. Lots of remixes, lots of cool old jams, the new Yacht album is there for a listen, all great things.

Coupon's Stoney Roads Mixtape

There’s a solid happy-dance music movement coming out of the good old Down Under right now. Fistfuls of bands and solo-artists alike are soaking up the warm Australian sun and regurgitating it to their listeners in the form of electronic art. Some individuals use the traditional methods of old synths and drums; others use newer age technology to express their feelings. One thing is for sure, the general “feeling” that is being exuded from these folks is genuine, classic, “I feel good I make feel good music, you now feel good too” jams. Coupons is just another example of this genre of happy nu-disco. Six months ago they blasted us with the single “Driving to your House Party” and it changed our lives. About a month ago, Sydney’s own Brett and Stu rolled out a mixtape for Stoney Roads. It is butter smooth, and as warm as July day. This is what these guys are feeling right now, and its something we need to embrace in the USA. Enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to be a Model Worker

It’s always fun stumbling onto a band who likes to keep the grass root feel and sound of music making, and Chicago foursome Model Worker has this dialed in. Their use of drums, analog synths and guitars produces a raw, smooth sound that’s fun to listen to and even more fun to watch. Since their inception in 2009 these cats have been rolling out this Cure-esque vibe that has found them a name in the cool disco market. In the fall of 2010 they released an EP “Squares and Triangles.” Less than a month ago they released another EP “Modern Luxury.” Both have really amazing sounds. Take a listen!