Monday, September 26, 2011

Lips - Everything To Me (Christian Strobe remix)

Snooping around on the internets and being in the mood for some sultry disco led me to Christian Strobe, a German chap who prides himself in some raw, dirty nu-disco. He’s a lover of the 80s and boy you can hear it in his work. This is his rendition Everything To Me by Lips. It hits you pretty hard pretty fast. The burning synths behind sexy vocals are as hot as this Indian summer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sexytime Kitchen-Jams: Red Hot + Rio 2

So my lady-friend sent over this recommendation today, and I have no choice but to share with you. For all the cooking aficionados that support 3dasd, I want to share with you a genre that you are all probably familiar with. The late 60’s Brazilian Tropicália movement is by far the BEST more supreme cooking soundtrack for a couple’s cook-sesh EVER. Its sexy-time kitchen jams. Break out the red wine, break out the Seu Jorge, or Manu Chao, and get passionate. There is defiantly something about this style of music that just subconsciously guides you into a dancing/drinking/cooking spree. I am sharing with you today a collaborative double-disk of original Tropicália mixed with some modern day soul, designed as a tribute. Red Hot + Rio 2 is an elated cross-cultural masterpiece. She said to me, “you are going to love this, we are going to love this” I want you all to try it, get cooking. This is a sample of the double disc. Please check out their website for the whole deal.

 Recommended listening environment: Kitchen, red or white wine (depending on dish) Significant other..oh and have a dish in mind to prepare while you’re in there.

“The end result is absolutely stunning.” —NPR Music

“Every collaboration sounds downright elated, the cross-cultural derangement of tropicália easily shines through these 21st-century revamps.” —The New York Times

“…bright and colorful and surprisingly moving.” —The Wall Street Journal

“…conjures a specific time and place – a period that fostered a reaction so creative it resulted in music that now speaks to any region and era.” —The New York Daily News

Red Hot + Rio 2 by ThatEricAlper

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fake Blood - "Used" Series

Fake Blood has risen to the top of my “favorite artist” collective by sheer diversity. This man has a lo-fi smooth, jazzy/hiphop melancholy sound that is too rare to duplicate. He can turn out bangers, he can whip up the most obscure 3-hour mixes of music from every corner of the planet, and he can snag a bunch of “used” old records and craft the sweetest chill-out quartet of jazz tapes anyone has heard. This post pays tribute to the latter part of his resume. So relax, and please enjoy.

Recommended listening environment – friends, comfortable seating, Hooka, cold beer, inside voices.

Thanks to Renegade Amber for the great portrait used above.

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.1 by Fake Blood

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.2 by Fake Blood

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.3 by Fake Blood

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.4 by Fake Blood

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.5 by Fake Blood

Fake Blood - "USED" Vol.6 by Fake Blood

Daft Punk: Unreleased "lost" jam [& 1997 BBCR1 Essential Mix]

One of the music industry’s most influential artists, and master of the dance party Daft Punk single handedly blazed trails for music in directions no one thought would be possible. These secretive French power-producers could pack hundreds of thousands of believers into a space and there wouldn’t be a soul in the house that wouldn’t be dancing. Even folks who are not fans of dance music love and respect Daft Punk. The respect for their sound and appreciation for their style timelessly transcends music genres. This is a song that was recently released as a “lost” jam from 1994, called Drive. I am also adding in their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from 1997, which is truly from a different planet. Please pay homage and enjoy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Artwork [Mix and Passion Pit Re-Edit]

Artwork began with a friendship, a mutual vision and a dorm room studio. Their sound is an unfaceted blend of energy and smooth melody. This is not fast paced dance music, it's sheer retro genius being blended with a progressive attitude. They take pride on the old drum machines, and the old Tears for Fears back albums that influence the energy they produce. The juxtaposition between energy and smooth feeling is just uncanny. It’s not easy to explain their sound; it’s just easy to listen to. Let’s hope they come out with something new soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Temper Trap - Soldier On [Rusko's F'kin Seagull Mix]

Giving you a little treat from a few months my argument The Temper Trap was somewhat of a one hit wonder, they headlined for a show I saw in Allston, The Freelance Whales played before hand, and truthfully, after the bomb the Whales dropped on Great Scott, there was no saving the performance TT had. I mean..lets be real, they played Sweet Disposition TWICE….TWICE…they had to play their pop-tune to keep the crowd from leaving. Anyhow, the other contributor on this jam is Rusko, West London’s womp womp Commander and Chief. I saw him at Royale, and let’s just say he shook the place. Glad to experience a dubstep show in person, I would 300% go again. This is a remix on TT’s jam “Soldier On” (Sheer salvation to this song, no offence TT). All bass-strpped, hiphoppy, cali-swag sickness from start to finish in this butter-smooth beat. Really exemplifies Rusko’s diversity. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DFA Records and Social Media [The Rapture White Out Sessions]

The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love / White Out Live! from DFA Records on Vimeo.

DFA records is an internationally recognized label that represents some of the coolest artists on the circuit today. Holy Ghost! LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Yacht, Woolfy, and The Juan Maclean are just a few of the juggernauts that rely on DFA to keep all their sh*t in order. Another artist they proudly rep is The Rapture. I started supporting The Rapture when I heard them on a Volcom Stone myspace page some 6 years ago. Anyway, The Rapture did a secret show in Boston last year, that myself and now girlfriend attended, and without spoiling THIS show, it was off the chain. They have a serious stage presence. DFA decided to start the White Out Sessions, which is a block of time designated to one of their artists throwing down on an intimate show, it being recorded, and streamed over Facebook and Ustream, (the bands usually stick around for a Q&A over Twitter) This is the recorded “show” promoting The Rapture’s new album “In The Grace of Your Love” Very interesting way of sharing this session, and very great sound. This is a perfect example of music and social media in a harmonious marriage. – Bravo!

CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock

Brazilian fun-pop/ravers outfit CSS has turned out some really funky jams in the last 6 years. They have provided their listeners with a silky smooth, sugar-coated sound that people around the globe love. On 8/23 they released La Liberacion which, in traditional manner is all over the place in the spectrum of synth.  This is the first single to hit the discothèque. Please enjoy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

An Expression: DOSVEC

Let’s talk about music. It’s an expression of personality, it’s an art form. It was created for others to listen to. It is a gateway between emotions and reality. You can essentially go “anywhere” with music; sad, happy, wild, crazy, fun, scary, places. People turn to music when they are in a bad place; they turn to music when they are in a good place, when they are stressed, excited, and angry. People go to shows to blow off steam. Music has the capability to bring together masses of people whom otherwise would not know each other, albeit at a show, a party, or even through a blog. Music is also a great way to entertain, and express one’s ideas. DJ Whatt or DOSVEC, is one of those said artists just out there having a good time. He has a niche and he rolls with it. He has an ear for mashups, and not your ordinary mash, but some unique combinations. Without further ado id like to share with you some of his insight. It stretches the genre of house, dubstep, classic rock, r&b, freestyle and pop. Enjoy your Labor Day!

Hip Hop by DjWhatt

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tiger & Woods: an explanation [& Body Language RMX]

“Punchy and rubbery disco” is how critics are attempting to label RedBull Music Academy alums Tiger and Woods. These cats keep a pretty impressive low profile in this ever-growing nu-disco global push – but that is an understatement to what this outfit is capable of.

They are assuming the attitude of large name artists like Daft Punk in regards to keeping away from the media, all while dropping bombs of reworks and jams onto the scene. But don’t let this new sound fool you, in a recent interview one of the members admitted to making music – having records – since 1993. It makes complete sense that they have such a dialed in sound. T&W have made it clear they are trying to break the boundaries of “new boogie”, by using excessive loops and edits to make this housey-disco bang. This is a rework of one of my favorite artists of the summer of 2011 – Body Language. Please enjoy and keep your ears (and feet) to the floor for their next adventure.

Body Language - Falling Out (Tiger and Woods Remix)