Friday, October 28, 2011

Feed Me - Green Bottle [& other jams]

Feed Me is one of the newer members of the Mau5trap clan, who has been lucky enough to hopscotch around the US of A with Deadmau5 in his Mewoington's Hax Tour. Feed Me has been on my “must see” list since I heard Mau5trap acquired him. I was lucky enough to experience him rattle the already hazy minds of a quarter of the Umass Amherst population when I attended the Mullins Center for my second dosing of Mau5. Feed Me ROCKED. Hands down…aside from BURNS, (and Skrillex. whom I haven’t seen) Feed Me was a great crowd pleaser. He has the perfect balance of blippy cartoonish sounds and the underlying dubstep growl that shakes the ribcage. Highly impressed, and he got the crowd going, for sure. Anyway this is Green Bottle – the little green monster that is “Feed Me” is ideal personification of the sound– fun fun fun with a big bite.

Feed Me - Green Bottle (Original Mix) by Dylan Lynch

Blog Amendment:

So yeah, I couldn't just give you one tune by Feed Me. It does not serve justice to his capabilities musically - So!....

Feed Me - Strange Behaviour (Featuring Tasha Baxter)

Feed Me - Cott's Face by youfeedme

Feed Me feat. Tasha Baxter - Cloudburn (FULL) by kevinthekid


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gemini Graduation EP [& official music video]

Gemini is back with a Graduation EP. The first track, respectably called Graduation, has the perfect balance of the sexy style of dubstep that mixes an appropriate amount of womp with hot female vocals. His official music video encompasses this dark, scary feeling that you can kind of associate with the song. Definite eerie vibe, definitely a rad tune. This EP demonstrates Gemini's versititility in a massive way. Each song is almost an entirely different genre of EDM, and each song has its own unique feel to it. It's surely worth a test drive. Check out the music video here and the EP after the break.

Gemini - Graduation (Official Video) from Harde Baas Paard Productions on Vimeo.

  INSP003 - The Graduation EP by Gemini   

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Double Dose of Cut Copy

I have been a supporter of Cut Copy for quite some time now, and was lucky enough to say I got to see them perform live right here in good old Boston. Cut Copy has a dynamic sound; It’s fun, classic, and really smooth on the ears. There is no window of time that is considered inappropriate to listen to these wonders from the Down Under. You could be at a house party, a long drive, a backyard BBQ, you could be reading a book by the window in the rain. It does not matter..It’s always better when Cut Copy is on the play button. These chaps have a clear indie/untz sound that has been duplicated by many, but mastered by none. They also have a serious knack for the “mix” When these guys put their minds to it, they create some of the coolest hours of jams anyone could ask for (see: So Cosmic Mixtape) Today I am happy to share with you not ONE…but TWO…sick short mixes by these guys (the first is co-mixed with Knightlife) that will be guaranteed to be played a zillion times, and will never get old.  

Knightlife/Cut Copy Tour Mix 1

Cut Copy Tour Mix 2 - Noise In My Head

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Punks Jump Up - The (wrong) 80s Mix

Everyone loves the 80s. Let’s face it, either we were around for that era, did some stuff we are secretly proud of but will never admit to, or were not around for that era and only wish we could be (dying to hear stories of the glory days). The 80s as a time period has carved itself a fairly deep notch into society as an era revolutionizing music, culture and fashion. It’s a style that stands out. Period. The clothing, the music, the behavior, everything has this filth-glam zest to it. This is a mix of (not as) popular, but equally as awesome jams from the 80s compiled by London native Joe Attard and Swede David Anderson Punks Jump Up. Please enjoy, feel free to behave in a manner you wouldn’t want anyone but your closest friends to witness.

Monday, October 17, 2011

In Memory of Daniel Clive Weldon - Your Fall Mixtape: Indie Car Ride

Just a little fall sampling of Indie tunes that dismisses the notion that 3dasd is an all-untz blog.
I was listening to Sirius XM-U this weekend and have to say I was highly disappointed. Everyone says XM is supposed to be on the brink of all things music, (or at least hold that stigma true since they are the globes premier satellite radio station) rarely did I ever hear a song younger than 10 months old. So I took it upon myself to share with you some moderately – to – very fresh tracks for your fall listening pleasure.

This blog post is for Dan Weldon, his friends, family, crew, and everyone else who's life was influenced by his greatness. 

Indie Car Ride by Enjoi70

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

**NEW** Major Lazer - Original Don

Earlier today Zane Lowe shared this on his BBC Radio1 Show. It’s a new jam from Major Lazer called Original Don. There is a new album expected from the Diplo/Switch duo soon (date TBA). You can hear it here:

The XX - VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)

This song has that raw 80’s feel…ya know..when VCRs were super popular and rad…
Matthew Dear has a great approach to bringing out that carefree “pop-cha” feeling from the 80s in this remix of The XX’s VCR; makes you want to swing your head and snap. He keeps that lo-fi scratchy sound throughout… If you close your eyes you can almost imagine listening to this on a tube TV in your parents living room, as if it were a “dance till you drop” scene in a rad movie. Enjoy!

VCR (Matthew Dear Remix) - The xx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dutch Rules: The Nostalgia Behind Autumn with Edwin van Cleef

There is always something nostalgic about this time of year. For me, my nostalgia is associated with these great fall months and going back to school. From the cold air and those crisp nights mixed with seeing lost friends from the hot summer – it really makes you enjoy the breezy “catch up” times had through the months of September and October. Another nostalgic memory also associated with school were the “gatherings” (I will call them) we had in high school around this time. Parents away, house full of friends, great tunes, great vibe, it’s really something special that will be with us forever. Hats off to Edwin van Cleef for whipping up this October mix, it gave me the perfect opportunity to pay homage to OUR memory maker – the Dutch House.

Monday, October 10, 2011

¡Feliz Cumple, 3dasd!

Two really monumental events happened this weekend. The first, I was able to see my favorite DJ during his mini-residency at Roseland Ballroom in NYC turn Times Square upside down, with that – I was able to experience NYC like a local and a tourist. My lovely girlfriend slash adventure-partner and I researched and hunted out all the small, high-end boutique street-wear shops and tanneries that are usually hidden from the common foreigner. We also went all out tourist taking a lovely historic ferry cruise around the harbor, as all sightseers should. New York was nothing short of a creative inspiration for every bodily sense. Everything is just forward…the fashion, the food, the music. It is truly a unique petri dish for all things artistic. The second event – your own little music blog from Boston Massachusetts has celebrated its second birthday. With that said, I want to thank all of my fans and listeners from across the globe out there who have helped inspire me to get 3dasd to the caliber of blog it is today. Without all ya’ll, it wouldn’t matter! These tunes are simply jams I heard walking around SoHo in miscellaneous shops, so enjoy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Releases from '96 Bulls

There were a staple six or seven bands that got me interested in this genre of music. One of which is ’96 Bulls. Melbourne’s Armstrong & Jackson introduced myself and my South Boston dwellers to a notion that there are a CRAP TON of really really flipping talented artists out there. All you need to do is take some time out of your busy day and research a sound you enjoy. There is nothing better than going back to one of these staple bands to see they have been up to some good hearty mischief. Without further delay, some new material from the ’96 Bulls. For our first post mosey on over here.