Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Star Slinger - Sept 2011 Mix for Altered Zones

I’ve been listening to this mix on repeat for the past few days. It’s a banger. ‘Nuff Said.
Star Slinger mixes ALL the genres into a neat little hour long package. (Listen for the NES gunfire around cool!)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Star Announces New Mixtape - Aretha

Mod Def and Talib Kweli are back in the studio after a pretty extensive break. They are about to release a tribute mixtape to Aretha Franklin appropriately titled “Aretha”. This is the first and only released tune from the album which holds some serious weight – “You Already Knew”.  Be on the lookout for the tape sometime in December
Black Star "You Already Knew"

Aeroplane's "November Mix"

Well it’s the Monday after my most favorite holiday on the planet. And let’s just say Mother Nature is keeping up with her “threat” or “celebration” of global warming quite nicely. We are rocking out on some mid-60’s late Mo-vember weather that is pure bliss. Everyone’s food coma’s should be subsiding – everyone should be knee deep in leftovers for the week, and there should be as much outdoorsing as humanly possible. Here is the November Mix from Aeroplane to keep you all working off that stuffing. Cheers!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Released: Skrillex - Devil's Nest

Just released an hour ago, Skrillex is staying strong on the blipped out mega-hard/sped up production that he has become famous for. His fame has legit taken off, but staying true to his roots, he keeps bringing you hard jams to bang your head on. Enjoy!

Skrillex - Devil's Nest

Editor’s Note:This cyber-war/anime theme has been showing up a ton lately in certain corners of the music scene (see: Deadmau5’s facebook page). Keeping with that trend it looks like Sonny was modeling for some war-gear himself.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Indian Summer Finale - The Magician

There is NOTHING not to love about the current weather situation that is going on in New England. Mother Nature has gifted us a week of absolutely stunning warm winds in the middle of this fall season, and you all HAVE to promise me you will accept it with open arms. In my opinion, the best combination for a beating heart is the excitement of fall, the feeling of wholesome goodness in every breath and the surprise addition of 70 degree weather in November; it's the reminisce of an epic Indian Summer. To adequately accompany this weather a mix is necessary. Naturally…that’s why you are at 3dasd in the first place..The Magician (rightfully named) was one of the halves of one of my favorite nu-disco outfits from Belgium – Aeroplane. Both Stephan and Vito have decided to go their separate ways to pepper the planet with twice as much outstanding dance beats. Stephan (The Magician) started monthly mixtapes called Magic-Tapes. This is number 16…and let me just say it exudes this hot day/warm nights weather that Ye Olde New England is experiencing right now. Get out your favorite cable-knit sweater and your favorite dancing boots, grab the latest Oktoberfest from your local libation distributor…head to the beach and enjoy your final bonfire of 2011.

Magic Tape Sixteen by TheMagician

Special thanks to my lovely girlfriend Lindsey for being cool with letting me photog her sometimes, and for Newport RI being extra great this time of year.