Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TEEN DAZE "Winter Mix" & Now Snowboarding

Fresh out of the recording studio TEEN DAZE bestows upon us a “winter mix” rightfully fitting for the 50 degree weather the Northeastern part of the USA is experiencing today.  It has a really super-dreamy feel to it, almost feels like your flying at some points. This would be a pretty epic mix to snowboard to, so what better way to assimilate a brand spankin’ new mix and a winter activity, than with a brand spankin’ new product! Now Snowboard Bindings is a hot new binding company that just announced their first product for the 2012 season. Their focus: product evolution, energy transfer, shock absorption, and a completely customizable binding that lets riders decide whether they want to ride high-back or not. Inspired by a skateboard truck, this binding displaces energy evenly throughout the foot, and responds actively to the riders input and style of riding. Check out their site and follow them @NowSnowboard for all the technical jargon on these new straps. Please consider this mix for your next “first chair, last call” session.

Special thanks to Transworld Snowboarding for the photo above.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3dasd Presents: SnackPack Saturdays

This is a test-run installment over here at 3dasd. SnackPack Saturdays are going to be a collection of extremely random soundcloud finds (and recommendations) that I trip on over the course of a week. Some will be brand new songs; some will be months, maybe years old. You may hate most of them, you may love some of them, but the ticket here is to find what YOU like and do your own research.  I’m not going to give you a bio on the artists or the songs; it’s up to you to find the back story. It’s like a little pudding pack of jams, some flavors you might like, and want to have again, and some you will toss away. Have fun! Feedback is welcome.

Grynch – My Volvo

SchoolBoy Q – There He Go - From Ruggie

PERSEO RECORDS - HOLLYWOOD SEVEN (Disconet Dilemma Extended Edit)
  HOLLYWOOD SEVEN (Disconet Dilemma Extended Edit) by PERSEO RECORDS

Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

The Doors - Wild Child (Dreadlock Tales Version "aka" Wildubchild)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

M83 - Midnight City (remixé par Who Killed JR)

M83, better known to his buds as Anthony Gonzalez jumped into the scene in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. The past 11 years for Anthony has been nothing less than a giant party, quickly gaining fame in his native France, and taking his skillset global. Anthony has received a whole slew of attention since his latest double disk release (so much so that plain-jane Americans are tuning in). One of the greatest forms of appreciation in this industry comes in the form of a remix (when done with class), or when another artist or producer takes your song and reconstructs it into an artistic expression of their own. This is where South African duo Who Killed JR step in. Who Killed JR is a remix moniker consisting of a pair of stand-up professionals who enjoy twisting knobs in their free time. These guys have a great great sound to them, and really understand how to respectufully rework a tune in a sense that it adds class, pop, and their own style; very clever juxtaposition of the piano-glitch-pop. Please enjoy a crafty remix of a song that has taken the globe by storm, and appreciate the appreciation.
“Man-o-man is the original huge.
I had to figure out how to remix perfection and I almost gave up a few times but I stuck it out and the product was an ode to the most spectacular tune of 2011 hands down...Anthony, thank you for the music, you're an evil genius."

M83 - Midnight City (remixé par Who Killed JR) by http://soundcloud.com/who-killed-jr

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - "N*ggas In Poorest" [Top 40 Underdog Launch]

To launch his “Top 40 Underdog” remix compilation, Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) chose yesterday, Martin Luther King Day to embark on his quest. He starts by laying socially charged lyrics over Jay + West’s N*ggas in Paris. Expect all of these top 40 reworks to be equally raw as they are controversial/awesome. Please enjoy and take a second to acknowledge the greatness of Dr. MLK.

Monday, January 16, 2012

JUST RELEASED - Deadmau5 "Cthulhu 2"

So it's been pretty quiet in Vegas since our eared maestro has taken the drivers seat of the short bus that is XS at the Wynn Hotel. Eager are all his fans to get snippets of "uploads" to soundcloud that tap into his mind, and expose SOME kind of thought process this dude is having. Mr Zimmerman announced this morning on Facebook that he made an "angry song" and resurrected the sleeping Cthulhu. The drop is anvil heavy, and the tone is spooky as hell. Please enjoy, and let's all look forward to the next expression. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calvin Harris - Flashback [Traveler Remix]

Cali-based Traveler dropped a new genre of music on us a few months ago, and this was one of their breakout remixes that further strengthened the depth they are proving they have. One of my first “favorites” was the luscious female-vocal laced house banger created by Calvin Harris called “Flashback” Our friends Traveler took Mr. Harris’ jam to the next level bringing the highs higher and the lows lower. The trick to lovestep is the fullness you get from the production, its all about depth. This is BY FAR, my favorite remix of this song. It’s going into my record books. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Scanners - Baby Blue

So this jam was heard on Shameless the new show on Showtime. They are a Britain based band making some noise around the globe and what better reason to get into an awesome show than through some really awesome choons. Please enjoy!

Deadmau5 Hardfest; HARD X MOUTH TAPED SHUT "Aural Psynapse"

So this was a video created by MOUTH TAPED SHUT filmed during Joel's unhooked set at Hardfest Hollywood. Pretty sick unhooked visual "desk" and really cool cinematography. Well done everyone!