Friday, February 17, 2012

Air "Deck Safari" Parts 1 & 2

In 1998 Air decided to come out with an inspirational mix to help them get some thoughts on paper (or tape, if you will) to get some songs recorded. They handpicked 4 hours of jams they thought were badass, and blended it into a 2 disc compilation called Deck Safari that was never actually sold to the public. Virgin records slipped up a little and released some copies, now it’s all over the internet including here. This is one of the coolest little journey mixes I have ever heard. All the jams are retro, unobtrusive, and very very easy on the ears. Please enjoy on your next long car ride (or 6 hour vacation)

Friday, February 10, 2012

LA/NYC/Milan - TEACHERS & PoolSide

It’s interesting how the world works in terms of what’s considered “popular music.” I have a really good friend who is Parisian and is currently studying in Milan. We have very similar taste in music and often volley bands and record labels back and forth over the digital wire. Recently we have been conducting our own research, and sharing the results; more often than not, he’s finding acts that are American, that are actually gaining popularity in Europe before they get cred in the USA. One example is Poolside – an LA based “Daytime Disco” act that I have shared with you before. These kids are leaving their warm, flowy, disco mark in boot, as well as other parts of similar-interested countries in Europe. (don’t get me wrong, folks in LA love Poolside) He sends me a message “check out Poolside – Harvest Moon, it’s the JAM!!” How crazily skewed is the standard American opinion in music?? Domestic acts are reaching international stardom before they make an effect in their own country! Another recommendation that he had for me, was NYC based TEACHERS – doing a killer remix on Kanye West’s “Monster”.
For good measure I’m adding the latest mix Poolside did for “Night People” about 11 days ago.

PoolSide - Harvest Moon

TEACHERS - Monster Remix

PoolSide - Night People Mix

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)

Mau5trap records was genius in signing the top two heaviest hitting dubstep acts this round earth has ever experienced. This now allows for free flowing collaboration, and state of the art mastering software provided behind the support of the mad-scientist Deadmau5. Skrillex has had an unprecedented climb to the top of the moshpit of success in the world of reckless electronica. Not far behind him are the Dutch kings of ‘step, and equally as large sounding NOISIA (which I am sure you have heard is making a ripple here in the states due to the increase in popularity of the genre). At the Mau5Lab, these giants decided to give their listeners a SMALL sampling of a team up, (personally I think this is all we can handle) This is what happens when two massive freight trains hit each other head on at the speed of sound.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Simple Girl [matamatics remix]

LA based Matamatics took a really great classic from Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr and lounged it right out. This is one of those funktified, fuzzy jams that can really be played at any time. Easy listening all the way..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Foster The People - Call It What You Want [Treasure Fingers Pre-Party Edit]

Foster The People have embodied the idea of indie-pop from day one. From what seemed like overnight XM Radio success, these young, energetic musicians from LA have taken the blogosphere by storm. They have had the honor of already playing at Coachella, and have achieved 3rd place on the Billboard top 100. The original version of “Call It what you want” is found on FIFA 12 (a videogame that annually houses prospective breakthrough international artists) This is a remix by Fools Gold Records Stud and Atlanta based Treasure Fingers. He spins out the original version and sets the tone for a spectacular indie-untz experience on par with where this genre is heading. Two very talented, very high energy outfits coming together to increase the stability of this ever-growing genre. Well done!

Special thanks to MY friends who will remain anonymous for rocking the F*ck out on NYE a few years ago to provide the artwork for this post, what a night that was.