Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sole Bikes Presents: Fixtape Vol. 4 "The Knocks"

Sole bikes are really pressing for the intermix of fashion, culture and music. They started a guest artist series where a DJ will whip up a mean-ass mix for the company, they post it, throw a massive party, and have an art show or whatever to celebrate it's release. This is a BIKE SHOP..mind you. The series is called "fix-tape" and its continuing to push the boundaries of movement related music. Well done to all involved.

French Horn Rebellion Vs Database Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix)

Happy, funky, light-headed. Simple pop fun from Faust.

Dabeull - Love Trap

Busy loud and 90s inspired - Dabeull - LoveTrap

Bonus Mix - Dim Mak Records Presents Haezer: Mixtape 001

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aeroplane "Not So Monthly" October Mix

It's been ages since I've posted anything on the old blogsphere, and have actually caught heat for it. So I figured a great mix to post is titled "not so monthly". Vito, the last surviving member of Aeroplane has been a busy mofo, he admits this in his latest mix made from the month of October. I feel his pain - ya know, being busy and all. So enough of the chatter - enjoy this mix. Be especially aware of the Keith Sweat remix he twists in - its raw 90s homage at its finest.

Bonus Mix (you've been waiting long enough right?) Crookers - Don't Be Sad Mix: